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[IP] Keytones help...

Ok list Matt's got a problem, well maybe not, but i needed to ask you all.
Matt's numbers have been fine all day......he came in and said he was sick to
his stomach, threw up. Had him check keytones, they were moderate. I changed
his site, even though he was due. My guess is that Matt is having starvation
keytones because the only thing he ate ALL day was a lite yogurt with only 17
grams of carbs. It's now 6pm. He is in this phase of not being hungry....it's
hot, so i didn't push it. My question is this.....are starvation keytones
common? And are they just as dangerous as high blood sugar keytones?
And.....i thought it wasn't necessary to eat as long as numbers stay in range,
meaning your basals are working......As always there is a hurdle we come
across that we cannot jump alone......any ideas????  Thanks in advance. P>S>
Matt ate and had lots of insulin to cover it, so i'm sure he'll be just
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