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[IP] RE: DKA question

>> I am
>> also very worried that I will get the low blood sugar > awareness from being on
>> the pump since they mention this in the book also.

> i don't know why this would be so. low blood sugar  awareness results
> from long term frequent hypos which in my opinion are more common with MDI.

This was mentioned in the DCCT, I believe.  When you
attempt to achieve 'perfect' control you will have
more small low bg's, eventually causing
unawareness.  Most of us on the pump try to have
perfect control.  With the pump I probably have more
lows (<70), but can bring them back quicker, do not
have rebounds and I am less likely to have major
problems.  I was dx'ed in '66 and the only awareness
that I have remaining is sweats.  If I am sweating,
warm and no one else is, I immediately test.

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