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Re: [IP] Another Denial.....Grrrr (kinda long)

Did your endo write a letter to your insurance company recommending it for
you?  I was concerned about the same thing you are dealing with as my A1c
just before getting approved for my pump was 6.8, but my endo must have sent
a pretty convincing letter.  I believe she also sent in my blood glucose
journals.  She told me because of my highs & lows it should be a reason for
me to be approved to be on the pump.  I have never been hospitalized for
severe hypoglycemia either ( I have a GREAT husband who has saved my life on
numerous occasions too).  I was approved within days of my appointment with
her.  I was concerned about being rejected, but I got it.  Just a thought...
I have been pumping since February 2001 and my husband now sleeps
peacefully.  I don't think I have been below 53 since pumping (and now I
feel it in the 60's).

I wish you the best,

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> Grrrr...
> I have been trying for almost two months to get everything in order so
that I
> can get off the rollercoaster and move onto the pump. Unfortunately, my
> insurance company doesn't see it that way. After reviewing my records,
> denied the pump on the basis that my last A1c was 6.5 and I've never been
> hospitalized for a severe hypoglycemic event.  (Here comes the vent) How
> ridiculous!!!! OF COURSE ....I have good A1C numbers because I have lows
> EVERYDAY.....EVERYDAY I swing between 250 and 30, most times I can be get
> below 50 and not even know it.
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