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Re: [IP] Absorbtion problems (QuickSet comments)

That connecting ring on the QuickSet should click into
place when it's near the blue line.  It can be a
little tricky to get it to budge that last bit on
reconnection.  I usually hold the bottom hub around
the plastic while I do the final turn on the top. 
We've only had 1 problem with this, and it was the
first time that Luke reconnected that we didn't
double-check it, and it hadn't clicked all the way. 
We also had some frustration with the QuickRelease on
the SofSets,  since Luke couldn't get a grip on it to
disconnect or reconnect.  He likes the QuickSet
disconnect much better.

We only have 3 months pumping experience, but 2 months
has been on QuickSets.  They work really well for Luke
but of course YMMV.  We've not had a problem with
erratic bg's that we've assigned to the sets. 

Good luck with getting your optimal set up. 
Shelly V., mom to Luke, 6, MM508 + QuickSets

Sylvia's message:
My son Joshua has been on the quick sets now for about
a month and his BGs are not nearly as good as they
were on the So-Sets.  We have been thinking about
switching back.  Also, I'm not that happy with the
design of the ring that connects.  Sometimes it will
turn slithly which shuts off insulin flow causing a
high.  It doesn't take much of a turn.  I sure wish
they had made it so it actaully clicks into place. 
So, even though our initial respomse to these new sets
were really 
good, the long-term effect appears to need some work. 
LOVE the size of the needle though!


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