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Re: [IP] Another Denial.....Grrrr (kinda long)

On Sat, 9 Jun 2001 00:52:17 EDT email @ redacted writes:
> Grrrr...
> I have been trying for almost two months to get everything in order 
> so that I 
> can get off the rollercoaster and move onto the pump. Unfortunately, 
> my 
> insurance company doesn't see it that way. After reviewing my 
> records, they 
> denied the pump on the basis that my last A1c was 6.5 and I've never 
> been 
> hospitalized for a severe hypoglycemic event.  (Here comes the vent) 
> How 
> ridiculous!!!! OF COURSE ....I have good A1C numbers because I have 
> lows 
> EVERYDAY.....EVERYDAY I swing between 250 and 30, most times I can 
> be get 
> below 50 and not even know it. DOn't they know that the A1C is just 
> an 
> average?

Unfortunately, I believe that insurance companies like to conveniently
forget that Hgb A1C's are averages.  That's their trump card.  Of course
you have great control so you don't need a pump.  I dealt with that same
argument for years.  Finally I had an endo that wouldn't give up and sent
a great letter to the company.  We had moved and had different HMO.  My
advice is to just keep trying and show them the documentation of all your
low's.  I know it gets old.  But the reward of getting a pump is worth
the hassle.

Janet, pumping since 1/01
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