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[IP] Family Medical Leave Act

Isnt the Family leave act to allow you to stay home with a newborn?  Did
you give birth to a pump?  I guess congratulations is in order:-)
I think you are lucky cause you will get paid leave without touching your

Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2001 23:03:57 -0000
From: "Carla Supples" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP]
     I have been lurking for awhile.  I have received my MiniMed 508 and
will go Monday to my CDE to get trained.  Today, my boss called me and told
me that I will have to fill out a Family Medical Leave Act form.  I am using
the days for training as vacation days.  This has stress me out.  I am
entitled to three weeks vacation ( in fact, I have 6 weeks not used) and if
I had not been so excited about my pump, nobody would have known what I was
doing.  Has this happened to anyone else?  Any suggestions?

Roni Pagano
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