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Re: [IP] DKA question

email @ redacted wrote:

> Can anyone explain why you are
> more likely to get DKA when on a pump then on MDI 
> injections please? 

MDI uses a long acting insulin (eg NPH) along with short acting. the NPH
acts as background or basil (the fact that it peaks erratically is a
whole nother subject). so if you stop taking your shots, the N will keep
working 10 or 12 hours.

the pump uses small frequent amounts of short acting insulin (R or
Humulog). so if the pump stops, you run out of coverage in a matter of a
few hours and can begin to go into DKA>

> I am
> also very worried that I will get the low blood sugar > awareness from being on
> the pump since they mention this in the book also.

i don't know why this would be so. low blood sugar  awareness results
from long term frequent hypos which in my opinion are more common with MDI.

chris parsons
T1 82 disetronic 99
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