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[IP] Re: Absorption problems

<< Don writes:
 Has anyone had any problems with the absorbtion with quick sets being
 much different than that of the softsets?  I have been having problems
 with high blood sugars for several days and have switched back to the
 softsets and I think the quicksets may have been the problem.

My little girl has been pumping 8 weeks now, using the Quick-Sets.  Her bgs 
have been fairly erratic, though we have lots of great days.  It seems some 
spots just work better than others.  Her current site is working great, wish 
we didn't have to change it at 3.5 days!   But other times we will have a bad 
day, and the next day it will be fine with the same site.  I'm trying to 
figure out if its absorption, or just her funny metabolism, wish I knew.

Are the Soft-Sets much different?  I know that the tape is different and that 
they insert much easier, thats why I delayed her pump start till I could get 
them, but is the cannula part much different?  Length and gauge?  Material?  

I have just ordered and received 2 boxes of the Quick-sets, with the 43 inch 
tubing; didn't want to be caught without any.  But with that length of 
tubing, Claire can use it as a skipping rope!!

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
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