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Re: [IP] DKA question


Since the only insulin you take on a pump is a short acting insulin 
(Velosulin-a regular type or Humalog), if for any reason you would not get 
insulin delivery, you could get into a DKA (critical) situation rather 
quickly.  With no NPH or other type of long acting insulin in your system, 
trouble would start in a matter of 4-5 hours rather than 10 to 12.  I have 
been on a pump for 17 years and have only once been in a DKA situation.  It 
took several calls to my doctor over a 12 hour period of time but I did not 
even go to the emergency room.  The best I can figure, I caught it within 6 

At one time, I was hypoglycemic unaware.  For about two weeks, as directed by 
my doctor, I raised my target blood sugar to 130 or so (normally I target 
100) and after two weeks I was feeling the lows at 80 rather than feeling no 
symptoms until I was at 40.

Cee Dee
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