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[IP] RE: just my opinion

>>> to Reply to the note >which causes the Subject line to add a "Re:"
and to <snip> out the >~irrelevant~ parts of the
original.  But
definitely leave in the relevant >parts. <<<

>> I disagree with most of you here. If the subject line is clear, (i.e.
"amusement parks" or "waterproof cases") why on
earth do I also have to read
a little or long quote from a previous post when
reading another comment. If
there is no subject line, then you have a point. But
then, if there is no
subject line, I never read the post. JMO
Katie <<

The problem is that we all don't have photographic
memories.  The few remaining brain cells that I
haven't burnt out yet are dying of loneliness.  A
subject line like "amusement parks" may be about
many things (carbs for food, excitement, exercise,
heat, etc.) and as I didn't remember the previous 15
posts in the thread, I would have no idea what is
being answered.  Sometimes the topic of a thread
changes, with the subject line not changing at all,
which should be done (Re: Cotton candy (was
amusement parks)).  There are also many subject
lines that are too generic (Humolog, boluses, etc.)
making it difficult to search for the subjects the
digest users are interested in because we find so
many instances of it in the body when we search.
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It is not enough to succeed, others must fail.
 - Gore Vidal
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