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Re: [IP] Type 2

Tony Parsons wrote:
> Is it typical for type 2's to run glucose levels over 400 and 500 and
> can their sugar levels elevate from 110 to 500 in a 5 or 6 hour period?
> Also do type 2's have extreme thirst and frequent urinating before
> diagnosed?

Hi, Tony,

It depends on how far advanced their Type 2 diabetes is at the time of
diagnosis, and also on which KIND of Type 2 they have. A lot of Type 2's
are indeed not terribly symptomatic before diagnosis, because their BGs
have been creeping up slowly, and they've gotten used to high BGs. They
also might not know they're urinating and drinking a lot, for the same

But sometimes a Type 2 is diagnosed in crisis -- they've unknowingly had
Type 2 for years (often due to a doctor's negligence!), and then they
develop an infection or something that pushes them over the edge. 

Fortunately, most Type 2's are diagnosed before they get to that point!

I wonder if the reason you're asking is because you're wondering if you
have Type 2 or Type 1. The way to find out about that is to get an
antibody test and/or a C-peptide test. I think it's important to know
what type you are, because it helps you avoid incorrect treatment. 

Good luck!
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