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[IP] Fwd: Search for CBC Alumni

Hi Everyone!
       I wanted to forward this e-mail on to everyone that I got from Clara 
Barton Camp in Oxford, Massachusetts.  They are looking for Barton girls and 
are trying to reach everyone.  So if anyone attended or know of anyone pass 
this on.  Thanks for your help.  I went to CBC from 1988 to 1991.
Kerri Bailey
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Hello all,

Please help us locate past campers and staff of the Clara Barton Camp for 
Girls with Diabetes! We've lost touch over the years and are having a tough 
time tracking folks down, so we're testing out the "Six degrees of 
Separation" theory in an effort to re-connect.

If you are receiving this and never attended CBC, please send this email 
along to anyone and everyone you know.  They may not be Barton Alumni, but 
chances are that you know someone - who knows someone -- who knows someone 
who *was* a Barton Girl!!

If you DID attend CBC then we need to hear from you!!!  The Alumni Committee 
is working hard to re-connect with as many past campers and staff as is 
possible.  We'd love to add you to our mailing list -- or emailing list.  
Please contact us AND send this email to everyone YOU know to keep the 
search going.

The easiest way to contact us is at  email @ redacted

WE WILL DISCONTINUE THIS SEARCH on October 1, 2001, so if that date has 
passed, please do not forward this email.

For more information on this search, Clara Barton Camp, and Alumni 

THANK YOU for your help!!!

-Kassie Gregorio
Trustee, Volunteer, and Alumnus of  The Barton Center

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