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[IP] Bad RED sites

 I seem to have recently devoloped a problem with my
sites,I have been pumping for 1.5 months but just
recently devoloped this.I use the Quicksets,always
swab the area with alcohol,use benzoin tincture and
waterproof tape.If that doesn't make it sterile,what
would? Anyway,a couple of weeks ago,the area all
around the edges of the tape got red,raised bumpy
ring,and itchy.The area that the actual quickset
covered was not affected. I changed the set far away
from the old one,rubbed antibiotic stuff on it,and it
went away.I thought it was just a skin irratation
unrelated to the set,but thrice since then I have
gotten similar results(only set area completly covered
with itchy red raised bumps) near to the time(a day or
two) I pull out a set.(change 3-4 days)When I changed
a site further down from the former site,it seems to
spread down.My latest area spans 2.5 by 3
inches,(gotten 3 days ago) and my next latest(7 days
ago)is 2.5 by 1.5 inches.I can't seem to prevent
getting them .Is it possible for them to spread
down,and do you need to put the set on a potential
site(like stomach versus legs) that doesn't have any
nearbye problems?Can it spread through the
bloodstream?Could this be a allergic reaction to the
set?Bgs are not affected,so I don't know if this is a
infection.Also tincture of benzoin and the tape I use
do not cause it,I have tried omitting both of these
but with the same results.Any thoughts on the matter
would be greatly appriciated.

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