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Re: [IP] re: just my opinion

At 10:46 AM 6/8/2001 Katie Black wrote:
 >I disagree with most of you here. If the subject line is clear, (i.e.
 >"amusement parks" or "waterproof cases") why on earth do I also have to read
 >a little or long quote from a previous post when reading another comment. If
 >there is no subject line, then you have a point. But then, if there is no
 >subject line, I never read the post. JMO

This is really a judgement call and will depend on the context. If your 
comments are clear based on the subject line alone, fine. However, many 
comments are in specific reference to a comment that another person made 
and it won't be totally clear what the reference is to, unless you include 
some of the previous conversation. Often the conversations wander a little 
bit as they progress and it's not always easy to follow them otherwise.

(just my 2 cents worth)
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