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Re: [IP] MiniMed Remote Question

Colleen wrote:
>The recent messages about the remote have gotten me interested in using 
>mine again.  It doesn't seem to be working, though.  The audio bolus and 
>remote features are turned on, and I think I entered the number for the 
>remote correctly; I used the first 6 digits.  My guess is that my battery 
>is dead. When I hold down the ACT button the light doesn't blink.  I've 
>only used it a few times.

That sure sounds like a dead battery, all right. I saw the same symptoms 
when I tried to use my remote for the first time.

>Is it likely that I need a new battery?


>Are they easy to find?

That, I really don't know. My pump came with a spare battery, which was OK. 
That's the battery I'm still using in the remote.

Still, if you can't find an A23 at K-Mart/Target/Walmart, try here:


Click on "Batteries", then click on "Auto Accessory", and look for model 
"LR-V08 12 volt-(A23, MN23) For car alarm" -- $1.09 each. I also found the 
following equivalents for the A23: GP-23A, Radio Shack 23-144,
VR23, EL12, MS21.

regards, Andy
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