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Re: [IP] Re: Women - what is the best way to wear the pump?

In this month's diabetes Forecast there is a great article on hiding your 
pump when you wear those form fitting clothes, little black dresses, 
sweaters, etc. 

We are all proud of our pumps but there are times when we are beset by vanity 
and desire to wear tight clothes. 

Here's a couple of suggestions for two different kinds of outfits. For tight, 
low-ish neckline outfits try buying a push up bra--the padding helps minimize 
the visibility of the pump--one cup size up from what you usually wear. Then 
but a pair of those water filled or those silicone push-up pads or inserts 
called cookies size A/B. By putting the pump in the bra, underneath one of 
your breasts and then offsetting it with a single cookie under the other 
breast. This person was able to hide their pump completely.

For other outfits that aren't so tight or aren't low-cut, purchase a "Jockey 
Molded Soft Cup" bra in your usual size. (These a hybrid sports bra and 
regular bra uses a fairly large amount of material across the front allowing 
for a natural pocket between your breast), Using both of the cookies this 
time one under each breast you can put the pump in your newly created 
cleavage but not over done cleavage.

I know this is a YMMV thing but thought I'd offer the suggestion.

Pumping three months with Princess (AKA MiniMed 508)
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