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[IP] RE:Minimed remote question & sport guard

The incremental amount of the Audio Bolus (which is
what the Remote uses on the MM508 pump) can be
programmed.  I believe it starts at 0.5u for U100, but
for example, Luke's on Humalog U50, so we can do it
0.25u increments.  Check the pump instruction book.

As for the waterproof sport guard, I know one is
available from MiniMed's website
(www.minimedstore.com) under pump accessories for the
508.  Since we don't have one of the other companies'
pumps we haven't checked but I think they're both
(Dtron & Animas) waterproof so you wouldn't need a
sport guard.

Shelly V., Luke's mom (6 y.o., pumping 3/5/01)

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