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Re: [IP] Sleep Study Discrimination

Since I started this whole thread, thought I should update. My 
primary talked to the Medical Director, I think with the suggested 
baseball bat. But still need to have it done in the hospital. Oh Well. 
we tried.

My hubby sleeps with a CPAP and it saved our marriage and saved 
his life. He as both obstructed and the neurological problems of 
sleep apena. Was long suffering from depression, starting to get 
high blood pressure and glucoma. I wa always afraid he's fall 
alseep behind the wheel. His heart rate would go below 60 for 
periods during his sleep and he would stop breathing for up to 70 
seconds. Me I was sleep deprived for years and about 2 to 3 nights 
a week he'd land on the couch for me to play catch up. This went 
on for about 10 years that it progressively worsened. Took us 
getting health insurance to cover the cost of study and machine. 
We have had three years of bliss since. His high blood pressure 
has returned to normal, glucoma has stablized and depression is 
gone. Docs say he's not a candidate for surgury because of the 
neurological part will always need the CPAP. 

It's kind of like sleeping with a jet fighter pilot everynight and there 
is no need for a white sound machine except for the nights he's out 
of town and then I run a fan as a good substitute.
Gail J Donohue
email @ redacted
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