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[IP] Best way to wear the pump

I have hooked it right to the waistband of my pantyhose and even my panties 
several times.  If I wear pants or a skirt I just hook it to the waistband of 
whatever I am wearing and use it almost as an accessory.  We went to a black 
tie dinner a few weeks ago and I clipped it right to my pantyhose and used 
the remote to deliver my boluses.  No one ever knew and a few people we were 
with had asked if I was wearing it and I told them I was but they never knew 
without me telling them.  I only use the remote when wearing a dress though 
and have to listed carefully for the beeps to make sure I am giving the 
correct amount of insulin.  Good luck.

pumping 3 months and loving every minute of it
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