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[IP] Digest replies snipped

<Diabetes patients used approximately five times the amount of
inpatient services ">>>>>>>>.

Impatient services...Yeah, wait for two hours for a five minute consult...I
laughed heartily at this (even though I know "Inpatient services" was meant,
This is so true.

To the baseball player who has the rises, I'm a musician and LOVE to be
onstage, but it still raises my BGs and is a form of stress.

Linda wrote
<As you can tell - I don't try to hide it - it's just there.  If people see
it - - most think it's a pager.>
I've never felt the inclination to hide it, as I worked hard and tolorated
much to get the pump. I wear mine with pride.
Chris parsons wrote:
<when i was first diagnosed a long time type 1 lady at a support group
had no insurance. she had grown up with a friend (nondiabetic) who was
insurable and had been hospitalized 10 times since they were children.>
Again the oxymoron of "Health CARE" is evident.  I'M IDDM, drink coffee,
smoked and eat red meat, but do not get a flu shot and haven't had the flu

Go figure.

Jenny Sutherland
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