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Re: [IP] Women- what is the best way to wear the pump

This question reminds me of last year before I got my pump - I was in the 
research process of do I want this, which pump etc.  I was serving communion 
on Maundy thursday at church and a women came up - with a pump.  I looked at 
her and said "I need to talk to you" (plus of course blood of .....).  I then 
wrote an explanation on the back of my personal calling card and handed it to 
her on the way out (I was afraid she would think I was some kind of nut - I 
am but that another story....).  She had called me before I even got home.  
She also gave me my first carb counter book.  What a great source of info - 
she has since moved but she was my very first pump friend - and if she hadn't 
been wearing her pump clipped up front I might never have had that personal 
contact to help me decide.

Linda & Dax
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