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Re:[IP] Water proof sport guard

Claudia wrote:

Hi, I just bought a sport guard and was playing with it and learning how to
use it by following the directions that came with the sports guard. My
question is, after I had it on and then took it off, I noticed four white
areas that looked like air in the tubing, but I know it wasn't because they
were placed exactly where the clip goes. Is this normal, or did I pinch the
tubing while putting on the clip? I thought I did everything right. It's no
big deal I guess except that every time I see those areas I think I have air
in the line. Does everyone else have the same marks? Thanks, Claudia


I also just bought a sport guard and had the same thing happen to me.  But,
to be honest, I don't think I'll be using it much, unless I'm going to be in
the water for a long time.  The whole contraption is so big and bulky!
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