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[IP] Women- what is the best way to wear the pump

I normally just stick my pump in my pocket. If my pants don't have a pocket, 
I just clip the pump to my waistband. Also, most of the time, I clip the pump 
in my pocket, you never know when it might accidentally come out. I have a 
three year old who likes to climb on Momma & it's fallen out a few times:0). 
By the way, my favorite place to wear my pump (granted it's very casual wear) 
is in the top front pocket of my bibs. It is absolutely the most convenient 
way for me to wear Oscar. I guess you can tell, I never try to hide my pump. 
I love that little sucker, and when people ask what it is, it gives me the 
opportunity to educate(if only a little) one more person about the insluin 
pump! :0)
Jennifer & Oscar(MM508)
dx'd 4/81, pumping since 8/00
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