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[IP] re: swimming + re-connecting prime

Sorry, I didn't phrase that well - we don't reprime
the cannula but we do usually do a 0.5u prime before
connection and 0.1u prime after re-connecting to make
sure that the air bubble that seems to form at the
QuickSet inlet gets cleared out.  What looks like is
happening is that the QuickSet's 1-way valve in the
connector/tubing piece doesn't quite seal off.  We
usually see a small bubble at the inlet, about 1/4inch
long.  At day-camp, he doesn't prime after connection,
but he does have a snack right away and therefore
boluses.  For Luke the 0.1u prime is also his basal
rate during the day, so it usually just makes up for a
missed basal while swimming.  He still needs this low
rate every hour or his blood sugar freaks out - it's
the nighttime lows that we have to watch out for after
a good swim.
Hope that helps.

> ... This would be easier than the
> counselors having to disconnect, put his pump in a
> safe place, prime, reconnect, & prime the cannula.

I understand the first 4 parts of this (disconnect,
put his pump in a safe place, prime, reconnect) but I
am not sure about the "prime the cannula" part. Are
you priming a second time after reconnecting to the
cannula? What size prime? Does it work well? What do
you think is going on to make this step necessary?
Thanks  for the help.

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