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[IP] Use the most???

Article Said>>>>>>>>>"Though diabetes patients only accounted 
for 1.6 percent of the total population, they incurred 9.4 percent of 
the costs. Compared with the total population, overall rates of use 
of inpatient services were more than four times higher for all 
diabetes patients, three times higher for type 2 diabetes patients 
and more than seven times higher for type 1diabetes patients.

Diabetes patients used approximately five times the amount of 
inpatient services ">>>>>>>>.Snip

Some questions come immediately to mind.......
Compare use and cost of Cancer patients, use and cost of those 
with MS, or Lukemia, or any other life threatening/chronic disease.  
If the results of those tests still had diabetics costing/using the 
services most, it would bother me. 

Secondly, the Type 1s here are much more knowledgeable and 
aware of all the things that go along with Diabetes and much more 
likely (hypothesis) to take preventative measures to avoid greater 
costs for complications. 

There needs to be a comparison between those who visit doctors 
more and those who don't and how much is saved by those who do 
visit docs more as compared to those who don't go until it is too 
late and expensive complication has set in. 

What do y'all think?  Yerachmiel, thanks for posting this.  It has 
given me food for thought!  That is always a good thing. 

I refuse to stand alone (as type 1 diabetics) and take the rap for 
increasing insurance rates!!!

Bonnie R. 
Huntsville, AL  
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