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Re: [IP] RE: Morning BG's


different basal rates are requred for different people.  Call your endo
and see what he/she thinks but I would raise it.  After three days of
consistent high's maybe raise it through the night or do some early hour
bg's to see your levels.  my rate is 0.9u/hour from midnight to seven
am.  1.0u/hr from 7am-9pm then back to 0.9u/h.  I was oposite I was too
low come am but more than likely you need to test in middle of night and
then raise basal after records of 3 days to see when it is rising.

Good Luck


>From: "Laura Lillie"<email @ redacted> >Reply-To:
email @ redacted >To:<email @ redacted> >Subject: [IP] RE:
Morning BG's >Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2001 12:38:17 -0400 > >Jim Winthrop wrote:
> >Upon waking, my bg's are pretty good(before the pump, and now), but in
the >first hour I'm awake, it can rise from an avg of about 130 or so up
to 220 >and even higher without eating....Do you raise your basal rate
for a few >hours before waking or do you >take a bolus when waking and
just not eat? > >-------------------- > >Whether you raise your basal or
just bolus depends on what causes the rise >in bg. 1: Does it rise at the
same time each day - if you wake up an hour >later than usual you find
you are high? 2: Does your bg rise after you wake >no matter what time
that is? If #1 then raise your basal a few hours before >that time. If #2
then determine the amount it will take to cover the rise >and bolus as
soon as you get up. > >Laura Lillie >who has problem #2 > >
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