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[IP] RE: Morning BG's

Jim Winthrop wrote:

Upon waking, my bg's are pretty good(before the pump, and now), but in the
first hour I'm awake, it can rise from an avg of about 130 or so up to 220
and even higher without eating....Do you raise your basal rate for a few
hours before waking or do you
take a bolus when waking and just not eat?


Whether you raise your basal or just bolus depends on what causes the rise
in bg. 1: Does it rise at the same time each day - if you wake up an hour
later than usual you find you are high? 2: Does your bg rise after you wake
no matter what time that is? If #1 then raise your basal a few hours before
that time. If #2 then determine the amount it will take to cover the rise
and bolus as soon as you get up.

Laura Lillie
who has problem #2

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