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Re: [IP] Baseball game highs

> Sorry, this is a long  one
> You all have been a great help as I have been lurking the list in
> the past. Now, I am going to directly beg for some help here.  My
> son is 9 years old (almost 10-in August).  He is a baseball pitcher
> and when he is not pitching, he is on 1st or shortstop.  He really
> loves this game and takes it pretty seriously.  Anyway, here is our
> problem:  He will have great numbers all day on game day until about
> 30 minutes before game time.  He starts to rise.  By rise, I mean
> 200+.  This does not happen on practice days or when he is playing
> baseball here at home.

It's stress -- my daughter used to do it before soccer tournament 
games (not regular games or practice). If you can get him to focus on 
something else, even his bg's, it will help. You might try to 
convince him that a small carb snack -- crackers whatever... -- and a 
bolus will help keep his bg's in line. If he believes it, it 
might work :o) -- it helped sometimes for Lily (but not all the 
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