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Re: [IP] infusion sets- small kids


  Even though Josh is now 9 he is VERY skinny.  We had a terrible time with 
the Tenders/Sils/Comforts type sets and you're right, the EMLA doesn't always 
work.  We went to the Sof-Sets with the insertion device and what a 
difference that made.  Not only was site change time SOOOOO much easier on 
BOTH of us but his BG levels really improved.  Now we are on the new Quick 
set and WOW, the needle is SOOOO small and the insertion device is SOOOO 
nice.  Josh is now starting to do some of his own sites on his tummy.  I 
still do his hiney!

  NO problems with canula (we use 6mm) and insertion is a breeze!

Good Lcuk!

mom to Joshua
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