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[IP] Morning Basals

Hi Chris, 
You asked about morning basals and dawn phenomenon.  My 
morning rise is so great that my basals go from .08 until 4:AM then 
they are 1.4, 6:00 AM - 1.7until 10:00 AM when they go back to 
.09.    And even with that, even a carton of yogurt for breakfast will 
require a bolus of 6 - so my insulin/cho ratio is almost 1/1  for 
those morning hours.  And I still have to keep a close eye on it.  
One thing I drink coffee with nutrasweet and fat free/sugar free 
coffeemate and that will shoot me up also.  I would love to wear the 
glucose monitoring thing for a few days to pin the rise down to the 
moment...but it is working our fairly well. So, yeah, the dawn 
phenomenon is alive and well in my life...and I couldn't figure it out 
until I read about it on this list, and in John Walsh's book.   This list 
of pumpers is a first rate learning place, and it is continually 
evolving as a learning place for even the old timers who still learn a 
thing or two and thankfully share their experiences so the new 
pumpers can benefit.....and so it goes around. 

My experience in that early morning rise is to do several morning 
fasts (no food after midnight until about noon.  Testing as often as 
you can.  I tested approximately every half hour to an hour after I 
woke up at 6:00 AM.  Just couldn't believe how much it went up.  
Then I adjusted basals, and tweaked and finally got a pretty close 
set of basals.
Good luck, keep us posted. 
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