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Re: [IP] Sleep Study Discrimination

On 6 Jun 2001, at 12:52, Bud Hopper wrote:

> What is a CPAP?  I snore horribly!  My wife said I have sleep apnea. 
> I am tired all the time.
> Is a sleep study necessary to diagnose sleep apnea?  Could one obtain
> this CPAP device without going through all those gyrations?
> Any info you can provide would be appriciated.  I have thought about
> this for a long time.
> Bud

I had the "combined" sleep test where they diagnose the first half 
of the night (60 arousals per hour, meant I woke up every minute) 
and then they titrate (discover the amount of pressure necessary to 
keep your airway open) the second half.  After that second half, 
where I actually SLEPT for the first time in YEARS, I really didn't 
want to be woken.   ;>)

The CPAP is an expensive machine.  I enquired about purchasing 
it outright, but was glad I waited.  It was almost expensive as the 
insulin pump and worth it just as well.  I am now "double-pumped".

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