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Re: [IP] Morning BG's


  If your BG starts to rise, consistantly, at around, let's just say, 8AM 
every morning then you want to raise your basal rate around 5-6AM on the pump 
, starting out with about a 0.1 per hour increase.  If you have the PI book 
it explains that, on average, it takes from 90-180 minutes for a basal rate 
change to start to affect your BGs.  I use 2 hours for Josh and it really 
seems to work well for him.  He had TERRIBLE Dawn Phenom. and now he has his 
highest basal rate starting at 4AM until 9AM and he now wakes up 85-90% of 
the time in perfect range.  LOVE THE PUMP!!!!!!

Good Luck!   Hope you have the PI book, latest is 3rd edition!

mom to Joshua
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