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[IP] Baseball game highs

Sorry, this is a long  one

You all have been a great help as I have been lurking the list in the past.
Now, I am going to directly beg for some help here.  My son is 9 years old
(almost 10-in August).  He is a baseball pitcher and when he is not pitching,
he is on 1st or shortstop.  He really loves this game and takes it pretty
seriously.  Anyway, here is our problem:  He will have great numbers all day
on game day until about 30 minutes before game time.  He starts to rise.  By
rise, I mean 200+.  This does not happen on practice days or when he is
playing baseball here at home.  I have tried everything suggested in the
Pumping Insulin book.  We, of course, have to bolus for the high prior to game
start and as you know, the games are only 1 hour 45 minutes long.  So the
bolus doesn't bring him down in time.  We have given a small bolus prior to
this anticipated high with no results.  Also, he stays high during the games.
I give him boluses during the game but to no avail.  Today/tonight, we tried
the other way in the pumping insulin book to back off of basals and allow the
body to use fat for energy, but that didn't work.  That is just giving us a
high late tonight that is being stubborn on coming down.
We keep a close eye on him during game time to make sure he doesn't go low.
He sometimes goes low during practice (minor) just some glucose or gatorade
and back on the field.
These highs are affecting his performance and it is frustrating him so much.
Tonight, for the first time, he cried.  He just felt bad and was tired of the
highs.  He doesn't know it yet, but he has made the All-Star Team (9 year
old), and I want so much, for him, to have this figured out by tournament
I realize this is probably stress induced, but he denies feeling nervous or
anxious or anything like that.  Does anyone have anyw suggestions.  I feel so
bad for him.  Plus, he has another game tomorrow night at 8 pm and I was
hoping someone would have some ideas to help him.
I receive the digest form of IP so it you want to email me privately at
email @ redacted that would be fine.  I hope this email makes sense ....
it is 12:15 a.m. post game and I have to stay up tonight to keep an eye on him
as he sometimes goes low (no matter what I do) during the night after a game.
Sorry this is so long.  Angela, Mom to Ryan dx 12/97 H-tron+ soon to be
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