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Re: [IP] Staph_Infection

In a message dated 6/4/01 6:38:47 AM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> Sometimes lancing the 
> blister so it will drain helps enormously.  Make sure there are no red 
> streaks coming from the wound.  

OH boy, I don't recommend this.... Have them stick a needle into the 
infection and drain out the puss that way, have them put you on antibiotics 
right away, etc. (If this is possible)   I just got out of the hospital a 
week ago because my podiatrist cut a hole in my foot to drain out the staff 
and it just got away from me and I ended up in the hospital having to go 
through surgery to help it all heal up.  It took 2 months for this to go very 
wrong!! They had to do all kinds of tests to make sure there was no 
osteomylitis!! Thank God my surgeon said there wasn't any so I only had to 
spend 10 days in the hospital and now I'm home recouping.  PLEASE don't let 
anyone cut your foot open but if they have to.... Make sure they do 
everything they can to prevent an infection!  This is obviously my opinion 
and doesn't mean I'm right!! lol
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