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Re: [IP] Sleep Study Discrimination

CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Air Pressure, and is a device used to 
keep one breathing while sleeping.Sleep apnea is a common cause of snoring, 
where an individual does not breathe regularly whether because of obstruction 
or sleep pattern irregularity and the snore is when the body realizes that it 
hasn't taken a breath for too long, that huge breath (i.e. snore) is the 
body's last ditch effort to breath. A mask fits over the person's nose or 
mouth and nose (depending on which mask-there are many) and connects with a 
respirator type corrugated tubing to the machine which forces a gentle stream 
of air through the nostrils/mouth & nostrils to provide a steady stream of 
air into the person's lungs.  It will stop snoring, and will allow you to 
awake much more refreshed than without it.  Been there, done that!!!!

A sleep study is usually required not just to make the diagnosis, but to see 
if the reasons are a physical obstruction or a neurological one (for 
instance, my problem was that I was kicking out of REM sleep 19 times an 
hour, where I don't have a physical obstruction- but a neurological one, and 
it was causing a breathing disorder
that was greatly helped by the CPAP.  It also is useful to help them 
determine what settings the machine need to be at to allow you to sleep 
comfortably without being set too high to cause sinus problems.

You definitely do need a doctor's prescription for this device, and rightly 
so because if it is set too high, pressure can cause sinus damage.

I hope this answers your questions, how did I do Spot?

aka Mouse
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