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Re: [IP] Sleep Study Discrimination

>CPAP is a machine that gives you extra air force so that you breath better.
>It is connected to a mask that goes over your nose area. Mine also has a
>moisture attachment. As far as I know uou have to go and have the test done
>to find out if you have apnea.

I had the test and was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea.  I tried the CPAP didn't 
do squat for me although I hear it does wonders for most.

>. There is a surgery but I have heard of this not always

I had the surgery on the Uvula ( four times! ) my Apnea is gone but I still 
snore big time.  Ask Steve, poor guy.  By the way the surgery is incredibly 
painful.  And I mean painful.  Good way to lose weight, on the bright side.

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