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[IP] To Amanda re: pump/pregnancy

I started the pump midway through my pregnancy as they were not as common 
then (1988).  My blood sugars were excellent (A1C 5.8 at the end), but I did 
have other complications.  I developed retinopathy and had laser surgery in 
my 9th month.  However, it has not recurred since then.  I was also 
pre-eclampsic and due to higher blood pressure and swelling, had a c-section. 
 My son was fine, but did spend a few days in neonatal intensive care due to 
an infection.  Due to such a difficult pregnancy, my husband and I chose not 
to have another child.  I didn't want to take any chances so that I could be 
around for the child we have.  He just turned 13. :)   I don't know how long 
you've had diabetes, but I would guess that complications would perhaps be 
less if hasn't been as long as me.  I had already been diabetic for 24 years 
when I got pregnant.  

Talk to your doctors about how long you should maintain control before 
getting pregnant.  For me it was 6 months, and I had gotten my A1C down to 
6.8 on 4 shots a day.

Good luck to you and your future family.
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