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Re: [IP] Re: Good News-HA1c

8.1% isn't bad at all, for a child Claire's age (that's where our
endo wanted our daughter's A1C at that age)! Good job!  
My 10 1/2yo daughter's A1C at dx (age 6) was *23%*. They ran it
twice because they thought it was a mistake. They were only
expecting 12-13%!!! I think part of the reason it was SO high was
because we had all had a stomach flu immediately prior to her dx
and illness can raise the A1C quite a bit. Within a month or so
after dx it was down to 10 or 11, then 9, then 8's where it
stayed for a long time. Just prior to pumping (age 9) it had
gotten down to 7.8%. After pumping it rose and was anywhere from
8.1-8.7%. The last 2 A1C's (one of which was done last week) have
been exactly the same - 7.8%. Our endo was very pleased yesterday
and said that was right where he wanted her. As she gets older
we'll get it even lower. He doesn't want it to get *too* low
right now due to risk of hypos, but he said if it naturally
progressed lower (meaning without our being extremely aggressive
to get it lower) and she didn't have many lows with it, he
wouldn't balk. :) Something else he told me yesterday - there was
some study done that showed that too many hypos in children can
actually lower the IQ by as much as 20 points. So, to me it's not
worth keeping a child in *too* tight of control. I heard
yesterday from our diabetes educator that the ADA now recommends
the A1C to be below 6% instead of 7%...too tight for most
children (hypo risk)! 

Keep up the great work and celebrate! :)

Barbara said:
I know that 8.1 is not a great HA1c, but its a lot better than

Take care, Kerri  
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