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[IP] Update on Lauren and thanks

Hello IP'ers,

Well, yesterday Minimed delivered new reservoirs and sils to replace those I
had, and Lauren since then has been back in the 100's, low 100's, all the
time. I even did checks all night last night in case basal changes needed. I
am SO relieved to have her within range and NOT spilling ketones anymore. It
was a long two weeks of insanity. I think  I snapped at everyone on earth,
including her endo.

Now, perhaps it was NOT the sils or tubing or reservoir, but I ruled out
EVERYTHING else and with the new ones, presto! So, think what you want . . .
I'm just glad she's feeling better. Now need to get her to gain back the
weight she lost!

Thank you all for the wonderful suggestions. The best thing you all did was
to tell me to stay confident. I was really losing it there for a while. Now
I just need to convince MM to replace the 30 (yes 30!!) sils I changed out
over the past two weeks (they sent me THREE!! THREE!!! in the mail).


Mom of Lauren, 9,
being recrowned as Pump Princess of Plymouth
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