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Re: [IP] Neuropathy

>>> i'm on neurontin and pain meds B12 etc but it still hurts so bad I can't
walk. i see my doc on Monday but I doubt there is anything more to do. Ginny

 A lot of advances and new meds have come on the scene since my neuropathy
battle in the very late '70s-early '80s. In fact, that's why I chose to wear
that checkbook-sized pump in '83 - to avoid amputation. But the meds that
helped me tolerate walking ended up being Dilantin - that's what is used for
epileptics to avoid seizures. It increases blood-flow to the brain, but also
opens blood-flow to the feet. I took 4 Dilantin a day as well as 300 mgs of
B6. I am off the Dilantin completely now and just one B6 (100mgs) a day now.
Perhaps you can talk to your dr. about this treatment if nothing else works.
We tried about 4 diff. meds until this helped. I gradually weaned myself off
the Dilantin, and this could be attributed to better BG control. I have only
achieved low 6% A1c's in the last 2 years since getting on the 'net so can't
really say pumping almost 18 years has helped. I've learned about 17 new
things about pumping from other pumpers - NOT my endo! YMMV (~_^)

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