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[IP] Static and the MM pump

There's seems to be a lot of concern over the static and the MM pump.  I
have a 508.  When I got it in January, I was worried about the static
electricity issue, as every time I get out of my car, I get shocked.  I
put the pump in the black leather case, which makes it look even more
like a beeper.  But the first time I wanted to use the up arrow, I
couldn't get it to work.  I took the pump out of the case and it hasn't
been back in since.  The little plastic window was so stiff that it
wouldn't allow me to use the arrows.  I only had trouble with static
once.  The pump gave an error message and had to be completely
reprogrammed.  That's all that happened.  I understand that the pump may
go completely blank and have to be replaced.  But I think the chances of
this are pretty small.

I called MM and they said that the static electricity could build up over
the day.  But since this has only happened once in 5 months, I figure why
bother with the leather case or a bounce.  I just keep the pump clipped
to whatever is handy depending on if I'm wearing pants or a dress.


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