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Re: [IP] Re: Good News-HA1c

In a message dated 6/5/01 10:34:12 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:
>     I know that 8.1 is not a great HA1c, but its a lot better than 11!!  
> And 
> I can sure see the difference in my little girl--her big brown eyes shine 
> again. We will aim for 7.5 as our next target, but her bgs continue to be 
> quite erratic, so will just do the best we can.
Glad to hear the good news!  When I first started pumping, my A1cs ran from 
11-14!!  Two months into pumping it went to 8.1.....and I'm hoping to be in 
the 7's when I go again on the 14th!
I NEVER thought I'd hit single digits, especially after not having done so 20 
years....Any improvement is reason to celebrate in my opinion, especially a 
drop from double digits to single!
Wooooo Hooooooo for you and your little angel  :O)
Let us know what happens next time and I'll do the same....
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