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[IP] Re: Good News-HA1c

Just wanted to share some good news I got this morning, which really helped 
to make my day.
    When Claire was dx with DM in our town, just before turning 3, her HA1c 
was 7.2.  Two and a half months later we went to Sick Kids Hospital in 
Toronto for education and her HA1c was 6.2.  They were amazed and must have 
noticed that we were compliant patients.  We moved away right after that and 
blood glucose control  quickly worsenend and over the next 3 years she became 
extremely hard to control.  Best HA1c done in Canada was 9.7, worst last 
November was 11.  When living in the UK they were sometimes better, but 
serious nightime lows were balancing out extremely high and erratic afternoon 
    We moved back to Canada so Claire could start on a pump and returned to 
Sick Kids.  They said no, her control was not good enough to have a pump and 
I think the doctor (same one from 3 and a half years earlier) was just 
labelling us non-compliant patients.  I quickly went elsewhere and found a 
great hospital and great endo, who is actually a closer drive to us.  On pump 
start-up day in April, Claire's HA1c was 10.  Seven and a half weeks later, 
it was down to 8.1.  I am so happy, I had hoped for around 8.0, but as she 
had major surgery in the middle of this time, along with various pump 
problems I wasn't sure...
    I know that 8.1 is not a great HA1c, but its a lot better than 11!!  And 
I can sure see the difference in my little girl--her big brown eyes shine 
again. We will aim for 7.5 as our next target, but her bgs continue to be 
quite erratic, so will just do the best we can.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7, pumping 8 weeks today with the H-tron 
Thank you all for your great advice and anecdotes about pumping
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