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Re: [IP] Leaving site in for four days

> Have any of you left your sites in for more than three days???
> We were taught to change every three days; my daughter is going to
> camp for four days and I was wondering if we should chance it and
> leave it for the four instead of changing it there.  

She should plan to change it at a convenient time in the middle of 
the trip. If she changes the day before she leaves, she will not be 
rushed and will have plenty of flexibility at camp to pick the time 
of her change -- then she will have time when she gets back to unwind 
before she must change again. 

Otherwise, she will have to change just before she goes and be rushed 
to change when she returns -- this assumes that she can make it 4 
days+ without a problem (which she will surely worry about the whole 

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