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[IP] Lantus Schmantus

First of all, Jackie, regarding your Lantus post from earlier today, I'll be
keeping an eye out for your results.
I've found Lantus aka Glargine to be a huge improvement over NPH insulin. I
was taking it for about a month until my pump start less than 2 weeks ago. N
insulin reguired me to synchronize my snacks for when it kicked in. Lantus
doesn't kick in. Its activity seemed to be pretty straight-line, although some
days I would have to snack constantly and others I'd have to shoot humalog
corrections. IMHO Lantus is a very good product and many will benefit from it.
YMMV as always; many people would suffer without their pumps.  The
Lantus-for-50%-of-basal idea may have merit as well.  A daily basal adjustment
depending what kind of a Lantus day you're having may be needed. But what do I
know? (Dammit Jim I'm a tradesman, not a doctor) At this point, I'd rather be
Borg than the human pin cushion. Syringes is futile. This shared knowledge of
the collective stuff is great!

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