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[IP] Sleep Study Discrimination

I am a Type I diabetic on the MM508 pump. I also have Sleep Apnea, for which
I use a CPAP.
I have had many Sleep Studies, NEVER a problem with the pump. In fact, on my
last test, I asked, and received
Permissions for someone and/or myself if I was awake, to take my BG levels
during the night - to better set my 
Night time basal's.
I had my studies in the sleep lab in a hospital.

If reference to the sleep study during the day, most sleep studies are for
"Obstructive Sleep Apnea", which is tested 
At night, The sleep study during the day is mostly checking for
"Neurotically Sleep studies" or "Narcolepsy" in which a 
Person falls asleep very very quickly during the day and does not realize it
- very bad for driving a car etc.,

The night time study also check for Narcolepsy but the day study is used in

There SHOULD be NO reason for a diabetic to be turned away from a sleep
Check/document you BG > 100 prior to going to sleep.

If you need information, or a baseball bat to beat another so-called doctor
up beside the head...
Just contact me....I have several used bats - that I have used in the

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