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[IP] RE: lantus

Susan wrote:
cute :)  But seriously, if Lantus is truely non-peaking like I have read,
wouldn't be a great addition to insulin-pump therapy?? You could adjust
dose of your lantus to match your lowest required basal rate. Then
all of your basals to be incremental from that. (For instance if you are
0.20 overnight, and 0.30 in the day, you would use Lantus to cover the
and then run a 0.0 basal overnight and a 0.10 basal in the day; boluses
would all stay the same). That would remove the greatest risk of pumping
rapid DKA from non-delivery. You'd still have all the flexibility and
predictability you currently have. Might be great for kids. I'll have to
watch and talk to my son's endo about how Lantus really performs ... What
you guys think of that approach?

I am going to participate in a study my endo is running to do just that,
and yes the benefit if this plays out is to reduce risk of DKA.  I am
going to take lantus for 1/2 my minimum basal rate.  This will be fine
when I decrease my basal for exercise, I don't go down more than 50%.
 Also, I am vary the remaining basal covered by my pump for dawn phenom.
 He's having people replace between 30 and 60%.  Going to wear CGMS for
last part of control period and lantus period and also do a disconnect
period in the lab at the end of each section to see what the sugars do.
 I'll report back on my result when I'm done and if I find out any
information on the results from the study in general.  He also said that
the curves he's seen show it tapering off around 20 hours, so he's having
the subjects take it in the evening (within an hour of the same time each
day) so its not tapering overnight.  Again, the CGMS res! ults will show

I'm not looking forward to the schedule of the injection each day, but
I'll do it for the month for the study and then decide if its something I
want to consider longer term.  

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