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Re: [IP] Pumping @ Amusement Parks


  Last year Josh really wanted to ride the fast rides at tour local fair.  
And I mean FAST.  He always wears his Dis H-Tron+ pump in a Waist-it pouch on 
his waist and he tries to kepp some of the excess tubing in there too.  So 
this is how he had it when riding the rides.  I, too, was worried how the 
excess motion would affect him and the insulin and pump.  The only thing it 
did was put this HUGE smile on his face and made me sicker than SNOT just 
watching....NO I did NOT go on the rides with him!!!!!  I was expecially 
concerned when he rode that centrfuge ride where it is enclosed and spins so 
fast that you can literally raise your feet and not fall.  I couldn't wait 
until the doors opened and, being my normal self, I started to think the 
worse.  But once again, nothing but a HUGE smile when he came out and asking 
to go again!

Again, with any slides or something that might cause static electricity, just 
pack the pump in a drier sheet and all should be fine!

Good Luck and have fun!!!

mom to Joshua
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