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As I had mentioned when I first posted the info on
adicol, I had sent an email requesting more current
news on the subject when it was mentioned that the
info on the site was fairly old.  The reply follows,
and is as I would have expected, mostly that the US
will be down the road a bit.  I think it does look
very promising.

With thanks to Pat Micone, Disetronic Territory
manager for her help.
email @ redacted
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Dear Mr. Granowski,

thank you very much for your mail. Please receive some more details about
the projects below and do not hesitate to contact me for further

1.Is it possible to participate in the ADICOL project?
Answer: ADICOL is a 3 year research project (until end of 2002) and no
volunteer participation is possible during this period. Ethic concerns and
safety regulations limit human trials to small numbers in selected clinics

2. Are there any research programs planned in other (non-European)
Answer: ADICOL is an European-based project with partly public funding. The
research program is confined to the countries of origin of the project
partners. In other countries e.g. the United States no tests will be
conducted within the ADICOL project.

3. Is there already a time frame to commercial deployment?
Answer: The goal of the project is to develop a device which will measure
blood glucose continuously for up to 3 days. The data will be used on-line
to optimise for actual insulin requirement. This part of the project and the
necessary clinical trials are performed under control of physicians. Given
success in these trials the product development should start at the end of
the project in 2002.

4. When will a product be available?
Answer: The goal of the research project ADICOL is the proof of concept.
Existing products such as an extracorporeal insulin pump will be used to
generate a control loop. Successful tests on a limited number of patients
under controlled conditions will reveal if the concept holds for a
subsequent product development phase starting after 2002.

5. How is the ADICOL project progressing?
Answer: The project is running since January 1, 2000 and substantial
progresses in all areas of work have been made:
7 development of glucose sensors and glucose monitoring system
7 remote control of modern insulin infusion systems
7 adaptation of control algorithms to pump therapy
7 communication between personal equipment devices
7 clinical trials to assess the progress

6. Which glucose sensor technologies are investigated in the project?
Answer: Two kinds of amperometric glucose sensors are investigated produced
by two different technologies:
7 thick film technology (screen print)
7 thin film technology (silicon based)
Both of them offer different advantages. At present the investigations are
carried out on the long-term properties for continuous use over days without

7. What is the role of the expert software?
Answer: The expert software plays the important role to "translate" the
glucose sensor readings into information how to cover the insulin
requirement. The computer programmes are used to control the insulin
infusion. We investigate expert software to cover for actual insulin
requirement on the one hand and to optimise the long term CSII.

Kind regards,

Disetronic Medical Systems AG
Dr. Thomas Vering
R & D Bio Sensors
Brunnmattstrasse 6
CH-3401 Burgdorf

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