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RE: [IP] bolus for snack @ school

To avoid this problem for our 6 yr old son who just
finished kindergarten, we agree with him each evening
on what he's going to eat for snack & lunch (kind of
like the old MDI days).  We write out a menu that
includes the bolus amount.  Then he boluses when he
starts eating - no forgetting to be done.  Even if
he's low, he pre-treats with sugar, then eats lunch &
boluses.  We figure the sugar gets a head start on him
before the Humalog comes on.

The teachers and even the nurses gave us such confused
looks and were so worried about the pump (whereas my
kid thinks everyone wears computers) that we decided
not to count on them - we plan it w/ Luke ahead of
time.  Luke has agreed to this too since we've
forgotten to bolus before, and he felt awful from the
high afterward.   He wants to avoid that terrible high
feeling (sick tummy, headache, tired).  For lunch the
nurse has to write down his bolus in their medication
book, so that provides a double check.

By the way, if the school personnel won't learn things
to accomodate your son & help him, you might consider
a formal 504 plan.  That way you can all agree on what
will be done to care for him ahead of time, and they
can make provisions for him.  They are required by law
to accomodate him.  Sometimes they need reminding.  
Good luck,
Shelly V., Austin, TX, mom to Luke, 6, dx'd 10/15/99,
pumping 3/5/01 MM508

Does anyone with young kids use a watch with an alarm
to remind their kids to bolus?? Adam is in junior
kindergarten, and we've been using a clock
radio alarm all year, but sometimes kids play with it,
or the power goes out, and it doesn't go off, and the
teacher forgets, and he misses his insulin after snack.

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